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Premium Lubri-Joint - 90 soft gel - click to enlarge

Premium Lubri-Joint - 90 soft gel

Order Information
Item # 48230-103432
Sale Price$22.87

DescriptionInholtra Natural Pain Formula, 90 capsules

Introducing the first synergistically complete product for relief of arthritis and chronic pain. Inholtra's patented formula is a revolutionary nutritional formula that combines the most effective anti-inflammatory agents prescribed in Europe for arthritis and other chronic inflammatory diseases.

Inholtra's patented formula not only offers true pain relief, but repair, by getting to the root of the problem. In addition to easing inflammation, Inholtra's patented formula helps repair damaged cartilage and maintain healthy joints. Inholtra's patented formula ingredients work together to provide multiple benefits for multiple problems. The ingredients in the formula are documented in hundreds of published studies to relieve the inflammation, stiffness and pain associated with both osteo and rheumatoid arthritis.

May help regenerate joint cartilage and joint lubricating synovial fluid May help increase circulation to the joints May help to suppress auto immune diseases that cause rheumatoid arthritis. May help maintain the health of the endothelial linings of the arterial system May help to suppress eczema and other common inflammatory skin disorders May help to reduce serum triglyceride levels.

Synergistically complete with 9 ingredients Softgel delivery allows for greater absorption and utilization, especially those with weak digestion (often the older individuals with pain) Glucosamine bound with potassium vs sodium for those concerned with salt in their diet... i.e. high blood pressure, etc Used for rheumatoid arthritis, not limited to osteo, and many other forms of arthritis... i.e. fibro myalgia, lyme disease, bursitis etc.... and sports related injury Natural Vitamin E, fat soluble Vitamin C, solvent free cold water expeller processed fish oils INHOLTRA's unique concept is to offer to the body an ample supply of all the necessary building blocks and nutrients for the resynthesis of cartilage, together with nutrients that have anti-inflammatory properties Cost effective, convenient and allows for reduced maintenance level dosages Doctor recommended for preventative and therapeutic benefits, clinically studied Patented


Inholtra(TM) Natural Pain Relief Formula 90 Quicksorb Gels(TM) Hypo-Allergenic Dietary Supplement

Beyond Just Glucosamine. Dietary Supplement.

Patented Inholtra Premium Lubri-Joint: The next step in the evolution of long-term joint health.

If you suffer from Joint pain you probably already know about Glucosamine, the only supplement clinically proven to repair worn and aching joints. But if you're takeing Glucosamine alone, you're not doing everything you can to relieve the pain. Inholtra Premium Lubri-Joint is the next step in the evolution of joint health and it's far more than a simple supplement. Inholtra Premium Lubri-Joint integrates the healing power of two types of Glucosamine into a patented synergistic formula containing nine other powerful nutrients:

Glucosamine helps repair and regenerate worn joint tissue, while N-acetyl-glucosamine (NAG) supports your body's ability to reduce inflammation.

Chondroitin helps regenerate synovial fluid, the lubricant between the joints that cushions friction.

Essential Fatty Acids EPA and DHA, and GLA (from fish oil) improve blood flow to the joints, which also helps to reduce inflammation.

Natural Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant that helps prevent free-radical-induced joint tissue damage. Manganese Aspartate helps the body synthesize all of these components. Fast Acting Liquid Gel Caps are easier to swallow and, compared to dry tablets, provide faster absorption with less stomach upset.

Why you need Inholtra Premium Lubri-Joint Unlike temporary painkillers and anti-inflammatories such as aspirin that only mask the symptoms, Inholtra goes straight to the very cause of the problem - so you can feel good permanently.

Inholtra's all-nautral, patented formula goes right to work to repair, replenish, and revitablize worn and damaged cartilage.

Inholtra is safe as a daily supplement...which is how it should be taken for maximum effectiveness. So give yourself true power for great joint health - and start using Inholtra today.

But don't take our word for it, listen to some of our enthusiastic customers:'It eliminated the pain and stiffness I was experiencing and brought me back to winning form.' -Jose Maria Olazabal PGA Masters Champion 1994 & 1999'I tried your natural pain relief formula...this product works amazingly well.' -Ivan Lendl World Tennis Champion

Hypo-Allergenic Formula.

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Premium Lubri-Joint - 90 soft gel


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Premium Lubri-Joint - 90 soft gel
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